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Every year, the annual feast of Our Lady of Rosary is celebrated from 7th July to 16th July. It is celebrated by the tradition of this parish. This ten days feast is very popular in this village

The feast starts with flag hoisting ceremony on 7th July, evening. A chariot of saint Sebastian comes over the streets around the church. A flag with Our Lady of Rosary’s image is hoisted in the famous flag pillar situated opposite to the church. This is followed by a novena. During the novena morning special Mass and evening the song of the Litany of Our Lady of Rosary and vespers are celebrated.

On 9th day feast, Morning Mass will be celebrated. Evening the Eucharist chariot will be worshipped in our streets afterwards Grand Vespers is celebrated. At night around 10:30 p.m . Our Lady of Rosary's Image is placed the Car and the car procession will be worshipped in the village streets. Thousands of people participate in this procession and pray to Our Lady of Rosary.

On 10th day of the feast morning 5 am the The Grant Mass will be celebrated, Afternoon 2 p.m. the car procession of Our lady is grandly celebrated. When the car and the chariot of Arch Angel Michael reach the station the vespers will be celebrated and the flag will be demoted

The next day common feast will be provided to all people of this village.

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